Hello Astro!

Hello, I’m Parsa Kafi. The old website that was based on WordPress is no longer available! Eventually, I decided to redesign my website. This website is built with the Astro framework, which is what I chose for it.

Astro is a web framework that takes the best from the early internet (think HTML and CSS) and puts it to work in a next-gen architecture to make every Astro site, and the whole web, faster. Whereas most frameworks today are designed for web apps, Astro is built for content-rich sites where performance matters most. Pull content from anywhere, deploy everywhere, and let’s build the web we want, together.


New Vs Old

Headshot of Parsa

Hi, I'm Parsa. I'm a software engineer based in Iran. You can follow me on X, see some of my work on GitHub, or read more about me on about page.