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Teligro, Integrate your WordPress site with Telegram

Telegro is my old plugin called WP Telegram Pro.

  • New comments, Recovery mode, Auto core update, Users login, Register a new user notification
  • Search in WordPress post types
  • Send post types manually or automatically to the Telegram channel
  • Display Telegram channel members count with shortcode
  • Connect WordPress profile to a Telegram account
  • Two-Step Telegram bot Authentication
  • Connect to Telegram with Proxy
Teligro – WordPress Tab
Teligro – WordPress Tab
Teligro – Channel Tab
Teligro – Channel Tab
Teligro – Telegram Two-Step Verification

Telegram Two-Step Verification Login form with Two Step Telegram bot Authentication

Integrated with other plugins

Teligro plugin Integrated with the most popular WordPress plugins

Integrate with E-Commerce plugins:

WooCommerce – Sale products on the Telegram bot. Send product to Telegram channels. New order, Order status change, Product low/no stock, new order note notification

Teligro – Woocommerce Tab
Teligro – Woocommerce Tab

Integrate with Form plugins:

Integrate with Newsletter plugins:

Integrate with Security plugins:

Integrate with Backup plugins:

Integrate with other plugins:

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a bot?

Telegram Bots FAQ

How to display Telegram channel members count

With channel_members_teligro shortcode: [channel_members_teligro channel="channel username" formatting="1"] For example: [channel_members_teligro channel="telegram" formatting="1"]

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