WP Meta Optimizer 2022 Live

Meta Optimizer a WordPress plugin that helps your website load faster if you use more meta like Post/Comment/User/Term metas!

How to Meta Optimizer plugin works

WordPress saves every post/comment/user/term meta in new row. with this plugin you can save all of them to single row, and each column will be a meta key.

Meta Optimizer Table Structure
WP Meta Optimizer Table Structure

Plugin work with default WordPress functions and support all of plugins use WordPress standard functions and hooks.


  • Create database tables for each of WordPress meta tables (Post/Comment/User/Meta).
  • Support WordPress Queries
  • Faster Queries & Easy Export
  • Import old data from default WordPress meta table
  • Bypass core meta tables for specific fields
  • Export all the data easier by exporting only one table



Meta Optimizer Tables tab, You can manage meta table columns
Tables tab, You can manage meta table columns
Meta Optimizer Settings tab, Plugin options
Settings tab, Plugin options
Meta Optimizer Import tab, Import options
Import tab, Import options

WP Meta Optimizer is Open Source

You can contribute to develop and fix issues

GitHub: https://github.com/parsakafi/wp-meta-optimizer

GitHub Page: https://parsakafi.github.io/wp-meta-optimizer

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of meta types supported?

Meta Optimizer can save default WordPress meta types like Post/User/Comment/Term.

Can I use this plugin for custom post types?

Yes, of course. Even though the plugin supports the built-in types of post and page, it is well suited to storing meta data for custom post types.

Can I rename meta key in DB tables?

Yes, You can rename meta key in default WP tables and plugin tables.

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