DigiAds: Digiato Advertisement System.

We at Digiato needed a central system to manage our advertising campaigns. This is why we developed a web-based application based on our advertising conditions.

DigiAds Dashboard
DigiAds Ads Management
Ads Management

Display ads individually & in groups

Ads can be displayed both individually and in groups in the advertising system. Using the advertising group display capabilities, the advertising will be displayed in different positions based on the designated conditions.

DigiAds Display Ads
Display Ads
DigiAds Ads Group Postion
Ads Group Postion

For customers, we created the opportunity to display the statistics of each website, the position and the ads, which will be displayed in numbers and charts. Additionally, it is able to track live statistics of views and clicks on any website.

DigiAds Reports/Statistics

DigiAds: Key Features

DigiAds Mobile Fixed Ads

Mobile Fixed Ads One of the most frequent mobile advertising positions

DigiAds Fair Random

Fair Random Display ads using a fair random algorithm. The Decision System sorts ads for the best display based on the view and position of ads. Error rate: ~1%

DigiAds Advertisement with display percentages

Advertisement with display percentages An advertisement’s display can be adjusted according to the percentage.

DigiAds Display ad on several websites

Display ad on several websites We can display an advertisement on multiple websites. Statistic data will be collected for each advertisement.

DigiAds Fixed Ads

Fixed Ads We can display the Ads as “Fixed”

DigiAds Device position layout

Device position layout Advertising viewing position based on user device: Mobile, Tablet, Desktop, Mobile App.

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